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Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge, Inc. is a loving and caring final foster home for senior and unadoptable pets to live out the balance of their lives.

We are a loving alternative to euthanasia for these pets to live out their final days, enjoying life as they should. 

Many of the pets here have been abandoned, have been deemed unadoptable by shelters, or have been displaced from their homes due to health issues or death of their senior owners. 


Have a Pet in Need?

Please contact us!  We can be reached via phone, email, or through Facebook.



Donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductable!  All go directly to the care, feeding and veterinary services for  our seniors.  Donations can be sent to:

Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge

PO BOX 191

FENTON,MI  48430

How we started

Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge, Inc.

After years of working with animal rescues and pet grooming, it was obvious to me something needed to be done about senior pets being dumped in shelters or along the side of the road; displaced from their families due to their age or change in family situations.

A Final Loving Foster Home

Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge, Inc.

A non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation