Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge, Inc.

About Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge

It all started with Charlie Bear.  His owner had died and he had been passed on to family members.  The family didn't want him, so they put him in a crate in the garage in direct sunlight in the summer.  One day neighbor children heard him crying and opened the crate.  Charlie ran out and to another neighbor's house.  Luckily, this neighbor had an animal rescue herself!  She took Charlie back to the family's house and told them the children had let him out....  their response was "take him -- we don't want him!".  So she did -- and she contacted the rescue I was with at the time.  From that point it was love at first sight.

Poor Charlie had been sitting in his own urine and feces and had a terrible sunburn.  He had an eye and ear infection and desperately needed a grooming.  After several rounds of antibiotics and skin care, he became my little shadow for several years.  We had no idea how old he was when found, but the vet estimated him at about 11 years old.

During the 6 years Charlie was my shadow, he had several issues with his eyes, ears and skin.  He needed medications daily and he was the best little guy in taking them.   I was told that if a rescue hadn't taken Charlie he would have died there in the garage, or would have been put down if given to a shelter because of his age and health issues.  I can't imagine cutting this poor little one's life short just because of the death of his owner.  And I can't see it for any other seniors or unadoptable pets either.

Charlie Bear passed away in June 2016.  He was my heart, my love, and my inspiration.  He's the reason I worked so hard with rescues, became a groomer (he had severe separation anxiety each time I took him to the groomer, so I became one so I could groom him myself!), and started this refuge.

In the beginning of 2016, we sold our home in a neighborhood so we could start the refuge.  The home we have moved into is on two acres surrounded mostly by woods.  With exception to the basement, all of the home is on one level, so the seniors don't have to deal with going up and down stairs to get around the house.

We now provide a loving final home for the seniors and unadoptables so they can comfortably live out their final days.  They live freely in the house, sleep in their own beds (or our bed!) and eat home-cooked meals. 

Yes, I cook their meals!  Due to the several varying health issues of these seniors, I have determined that feeding them healthy, fresh cooked food has either reduced or eliminated some of their issues with food, grain, and skin allergies.  (With the approval of their veterinarian).

Please consider a tax-deductable donation.  All funds go towards the care, food, and veterinary care and medications for our residents. 

Donations of food, blankets, collars, beds, laundry soap, towels and paper towels are greatly appreciated as well!  Please contact me for drop off or pick up information:  248-444-7591