LUCY - shih tsu

10 years (estimated)

Lucy came to us from Shelter Angels in Bay City.  She was found as a stray, but deemed unadoptable because she has an enlarged heart along with some other health issues.  She's enjoying her time here at the Shelter acting and playing with others like a pup!

ARLEY - Lhasa Apso

4 years (estimated)

Archie is not a senior, but was surrendered to me when I was his groomer, before the refuge idea even started.  The owner surrendered him to me because her boyfriend would hit him when he had accidents in the house.  He was one year old when surrendered to me - and had never been potty-trained. 

DOOGAN - labrador retriever

13 years

Doogie is the biggest loverbug and most tolerant baby ever.  He gets along with everyone.  He has arthritis in his back legs and hips, but still manages to get around fairly well!

DOTTIE - cairn terrier

10 years

Dottie came to us from Findlay Animal Shelter in Ohio after spending over two months there.  She was surrendered by her owner because she has chronic dry eye syndrome and requires drops twice a day.

THURSTON - chihuahua

9 years (estimated)

Thurston came to us from Findlay Animal Shelter as well.  He was found as a stray and had a back leg that had been broken and healed incorrectly.  His leg would have been amputated, but he has a luxating patella in his other rear leg, thus deeming the operation impossible. 

MAVERICK - domestic short hair

8 years

One day when leaving my volunteer shift at an animal shelter, I was approached by a lady with a little tiny kitten about 4 weeks old in a shoebox.  His mom had been hit by a car and killed -- the rest of his littermates fell prey to a hawk.  Being raised around mostly dogs, Maverick considers himself part of the canine family here at the refuge!

Philo - Chihuahua

15 yrs (estimated)

Philo is an old guy that was found dumped on the side of a dirt road.  He is blind, but that doesn't stop him from being the household tough guy!

GUIDO - domestic short hair

Age unknown

Guido was rescued by a very good friend of mine who noticed he had been left behind when his family moved away.  She won his trust in minutes and he has blended into the refuge environment quite well!

GOOBER PEANUT - chihuahua

8 years

And this is the one that started the chihuahua trend here in the household!  He is not a rescue, but almost a senior.  This little guy has been with me since he was 8 weeks old and won my heart from the get-go. 

MADDIE - chihuahua mix

10 years (estimated)

Maddie came to us from Calhoun County Animal Control when she was seized from a hoarding situation.  She is deaf and suspected partially blind in one eye. 

PEAVEY - domestic short hair

4 years (estimated)

Peavey was found living under the porch of an abandoned house in Pontiac when I was on a rescue street team 4 years ago.  He just kind of made himself at home and has become part of the clan.

GIZMO- shih tsu

10 years (estimated)

Gizmo was found as a stray, then surrendered to a kill-shelter by her owner when she didn't want to pay the fees.  She was suspected blind and deaf and was very emaciated.  She quickly thrived here at the refuge: gained weight, can partially see and can hear. 

LEMMY- domestic short hair

Age unknown

Lemmy came to us from Calhoun County Animal Control.  We don't know much about him, other than the fact he was very shy in the shelter and had little chance of adoption.  He is very shy around other animals, but a real people lover and loves affection! 

BEETHOVEN - chihuahua

9 years (estimated)

Beethoven was surrendered by his hearing-impaired owner, who had adopted Beethoven to alert her when visitors came to the house.  It was soon discovered that Beethoven was deaf also.  He also has some socialization problems, so it's hard to co-mingle him into another household. 

J.J.  (Big J) - Treeing Walker Coonhound

14 years

Big J came to us from Gladwin Animal Control.  He was seized from his owner and deemed unreturnable in an animal abuse court case.  JJ had been roaming the neighborhood, injured and very thin.  He had an embedded collar and was over 20 lbs underweight.  His neck is healed and he has put on 18 lbs since rescued (7 lbs at the shelter -- 11 lbs here at the refuge!)

SAMSON - Pomeranian

10 yrs (estimated)

Samson came to us in June 2016 when a caring lady rescued him from a living situation that was not conducive to a senior pup. 

BOO BOO- Chihuahua

11 yrs (estimated)

Boo Boo came to us in July 2016 needing a home after his senior owner could no longer care for him.  His tongue hangs out occasionally because he has very few teeth! 


Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge, Inc.

ZOEY - Lhasa Apso/ShihTsu

8 yrs (estimated)

Zoey is not really a senior, but his owner  had to go into an assisted living situation that would not allow him.  I promised his owner I would take care of Zoey for her.


ARCHIE - pomeranian/chihuahua mix

11 years

Archie's owner passed away and through a close network of caring neighbors who happened to be rescuers also, he came to stay with us.  He's one big sweetheart who has bonded with my husband completely. 

WEE ONE - chihuahua mix

12 years (estimated)

Wee One was found as a stray and seemed in pretty bad shape, however once she got into a stable environment, she has thrived and become the diva of the household!  She is partially blind, but gets around just fine!

SEBASTIAN - domestic short hair

Age unknown

Sebastian was rescued by a friend of mine when he was just a baby.  My friend climbed through an under-construction house in the middle of winter to get this little guy and take him in.  Due to living circumstances, Sebastian came to live with us a short while ago and seems pretty happy here!

MISSY - Chihuahua mix 

11 years

Missy's owner passed away , leaving poor Missy behind.  She is partially blind in one eye and diabetic, requiring insulin twice a day, but she's a little spitfire for sure!